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Best Hunting in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey is known for a lot of things and is visited for a variety of reasons. In the northwestern region of the state, you’ll find rich landscapes, hills, rock formations and the subtle segment of the Delaware Water Gap. In the south, you will find the uncommon hospitality and friendly community of Pine Barrens. However, what you may not know of is the state’s hunting spots.

New Jersey has over 480,000 acres of public terrain for hunting on 120 wildlife preserves. During the early 1900s, there were very few game to hunt in New Jersey. Yet at present date, there are a handful of game to hunt, including deer, wild boar and raccoon in the state. This is all attributed to the effective conservation practices and proper wildlife techniques. In fact, in 2008 alone, up to 53,200 deer were harvested. On the other hand, wild hogs were a foreign and alarming animal in the state thus their status as game hasn’t been concluded still.

There are many options on where to hunt game in New Jersey. These include wildlife management sites, NJ and country park facilities and private hunting associations. Although, the latter option may be open only to members of the club. Here are some areas where to hunt for game in the state of New Jersey.

Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

Located in the coastal wetlands on the upper district of Atlantic City, this wildlife refuge is mainly focused with waterfowl, such as ducks and geese, yet also features a considerable population of deer. More than 4,000 acres of the refuge is composed of woodlands and upland areas distant from the wetlands, which offers a habitat for deer to live in.

To be able to hunt deer on this wildlife refuge, you are first required to request for a permit in one of the areas that were established for hunting, including Zones 56 to 58 and 70. Each zone has its individual sub-zone. For instance, Zone 70 has two while 58 has three. Requests are acknowledged through New Jersey lottery. The state does not conduct sales for available permits. Hunting is prohibited outside the zones.

Barbertown Sportsmen’s Club

Situated proximate to Clifton, New Jersey, the Barbertown Sportsmen’s Club is a public member-only hunting organization. It is composed of a team of hunters who founded the organization for wildlife conservation and hunting purposes.

The club offers 1,000 acres in 12 different hunting sites. As a member, you are allowed to hunt game on these sites anytime during the specific hunting season.
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The Importance of Social Media

Many people our age, from my upbringing, with my limited technical skill, might wonder why we need to use Social Media? You might say, “I don’t own a business, I’m not trying to reach that ‘demographic'”, but the truth today is the internet encompasses every demographic.  Even the Iowa farmer is now banking online, and checking his email. The Alaskan fisherman checks into his online video sites to have a laugh with the crew.  The grandfather plays on his ipad that his grandchildren just bought him.  We’re all on the internet now.  You should be too.  Maybe you’ll find this post as a new social media user.  No one says you have to enjoy it, but it’s a good idea to claim your presence, and explore this great social world.  Whether you’re a people person or not, there’s something for every one.

Social Media can have many benefits, whether you’re making new friends, marketing your product, discussing deep industry issues, or just surfing for new and interesting ideas, social media is the culmination of all our resources. We share, we post, we photograph and comment washing away any news there may have been yesterday. Social Media has brought a instant factor to the internet and to our human world.  Twitter allows us to watch a stream blow by us. If you follow 500 people your stream will constantly update as each person you follow posts updates to their accounts.  Thoughts, pictures, quotes and news headlines fly by without any time to process them, and in an instant a new stream is up with ideas from all over the world.  We can now connect across the globe no matter what the local time is people are up tweeting, posting to Facebook, commenting on blogs, and connecting via LinkedIn.  Now that there are so many Social Media sites how can you even navigate through making sure you’re in the right Social network? 

Well there is no correct Social Media Network. There are networks for you and there are some for your neighbor. There are some really great sites out there, with terrific communities full of knowledge. is a terrific site to join and get involved in. It’s not for marketing, but it has a wealth of first hand knowledge and experience. You can never quite tell what is fabricated and what is real, but can you ever really tell in real life anyway?  People for the most part are honest, but that goes back to you finding the right network. A network where you belong. There are great sites for discovering all the new social media sites coming out. is a good site to see all of the social media sites. I registered there and they were able to claim a bunch of sites for me. Now I can go explore a bunch of social network sites and communities. I look forward to this adventure, as I don’t know if all of these sites will be as big as Tumblr or Youtube, but there is a good chance I can meet a friend, or client, or just learn something new from the tens of millions of people sharing their world through the instant web of communication that is Social Media.

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John Lembo is a family man and entrepreneur from NJ. John Lembo helps manages a digital marketing agency in NJ.

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